After attending the "Ecole Supeŕ ieure de la Mode" (Paris), where she specialized in "Stylisme et Modeĺ isme" for three years, Solange Mayo starts to manufacture swimsuits for both the argentine domestic market and international markets.

In 1997, she launches her own brand, S-MODE. In 2003, the first store located in Lomas de San Isidro is opened.

At present, the company has two local stores in Buenos Aires and points of sale throughout the country through multi-brand stores. During the last season, a pop-up store was opened in Manantiales, Punta del Este.

Over the years we have exported to Chile, Mexico, the United States, Spain and Switzerland. Currently, our main objective is to expand the presence of our brand on a larger scale within the international market, particularly U.S. and Europe.

Elegance, Freshness, Femininity.These are the concepts that define S-MODE's proposal, always focusing on a woman that is modern, daring and desires to be noticed.

11 products

11 products