Sonder Holliday


Our collection is a curated blend of Travel and Resort goods from around the world, mindfully sourced with the intention of bringing together a discerning, socially conscious clientele and creators of exclusive, hand-crafted designs.

We uplift communities by helping them develop superior, on-trend products while giving our highly-skilled collaborators and producers an avenue to use their diverse talents to propel themselves into a sustainable way of life. We proudly believe that it is far more effective to help others help themselves,  which is why we ensure that our producers get paid equitably for their time and skill. It’s also why we choose to only support trade with people and communities whose livelihoods focus on the production of goods that preserve regional traditional techniques.

In addition to all of this we do all that we can to upcycle, reduce waste, and repurpose materials. A crucial part of our business strategy is to do what we can wherever we can to create sustainable, luxury grade product that respect people and the planet.  

Let our collection ignite your wanderlust.

10 products

10 products