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Wara Silk Macrame Purse
Wara Silk Macrame Purse
Wara Silk Macrame Purse
Wara Silk Macrame Purse

Wara Silk Macrame Purse

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Our Wara purse is a wearable piece of art! It's handmade by artisans using locally sourced rayon silk or "sedas" in the Bolivian Andean Plateau. This ribbons are NON existent in US. We provide opportunities to Artisans living in Bolivia (a developing country from South America) they usually take around 28 hours and more than 280 meters of silk ribbon to produce these pieces weaving them with Andean macrame technique. So much love and talent come within this purse!


• Elaborate macrame Palms pattern is the soul of this purse.

• Purse strap is also made from Black tone Bolivian rayon silk.

• Knots are knotted tightly together so belongings aren't lost.

• Features magnetic snaps closure.

• Will fit phone, wallet, keys, lipstick and hand sanitizer or other daily essentials.

• Includes a velvet cover for storage.

• Wara purse will retain its shape and beautiful appearance for years with proper care.

How to properly take care of it:

• Just place it hanging on your closet

• If the fringed part becomes wrinkly, simply steam or spray water and they will come back to normal in no time. Fringe material dries fast and does not get damage from a bit of water.

• NEVER wash or machine wash this purse, if it ever has a stain, simply handwash and let it dry naturally.

• NEVER wash whole bag.


Strap Length: 20"

Length: 10"

Width: 12"

Fringe Length: 14"

Styling tips:

• You can unknot the straps to adjust. It will be a bit hard at the beginning as knots are tied tightly.

• Use it with a long maxi dress, just denim and a white shirt, a leather mini skirt.... this piece will dress you UP without buying any expensive clothing, it's timeless and seasonless!

Handmade by artisans in Bolivia

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